Thursday Chess in West Chester, PA

Every Thursday the West Chester Chess Club runs a USCF rated swiss tournament.  You can start play in the Swiss at any time, and play as many nights as you can make.  The swiss tournaments run for 5 weeks, then a new one begins!  To view past results and match-ups please see our USCF tournament history  (this page has both quad results and Thursday results).
  • Please arrive between 7 to 7:30 to register.  
  • You will need an active USCF membership.  You can purchase or re-activate a USCF membership at the USCF site
  • If you have a board and clock, please bring. If not, we have some.
  • Games are 1 hour and 40 minutes, delay 5
  • You will need to join the club.  The cost is $20 per year and is prorated.  There is no other cost than that!
We play at the First Presbyterian Church, 130 West Miner St, West Chester, PA.  

where we jplay in West Chester

We have a very large room downstairs, easily capable of handing our large group of players.  Just walk in the door indicated above and immediately go down the stairs. We're in the first room on the right downstairs.

The best (and FREE) place to park is just a block or two away at the free (after 5PM) parking garage at 220 Market Street.  It is a 5 minute walk from the church.  However, the parking spots are limited in the garage and we have seen on many occasions that the garage is full.  Arrive at least 30 mintues early and wait for a spot usually works.  Or arrive earlier and play a quick game of chess before matches begin!

Free parking:  parking for chess

In the worst case, find a spot off the main roads and pay the parking meter.  Meter maids seldom check side roads late and after 10 you are OK.  For more information on other parking garages, visit this page.  The garages listed are all within about 10 minutes walking time.