Player Ratings and Ranking

Player Ratings and Ranking in the Club

The following shows all the active club players, their USCF rating, their USCF percentile, and their win-draw-loss record against other members staring with the 2019 March Madness and going through the 2020 Club Champsion:

No download required. Wins & Losses page difficult to scroll and know who is who.  Best to look at first few columns on the Wins & Losses page and go to individual player pages for more detail.
Download required but file is not large. Row and column titles always visible on the Wins & Losses page. Easy to understand who is who

They both have the identical information. In each are individual player pages showing who they have played and how they did. It also has a link to the player's USCF web page.  This listing is not the standings for the next WCC tournament.  Rather it shows their performance against each other for the above period and how they rank in the club.

This listing was created using software developed by Bob Flanagan and Alex Zaharia of  As such, links to this site are found on the various pages of the section.  One can try this site for free for a week.  If you enter the coupon code WCC,  it will give you a 50% discount.